New Zealand Merino

New Zealand’s pristine alpine environment, majestic merino and innovative growing systems combine to produce the world’s most exclusive natural fibre - New Zealand merino.

New Zealand merino fibres are exceptionally long, strong, flexible and extremely fine.

These distinctive characteristics are the reason New Zealand merino garments are uniquely soft, and sensuously comfortable against the skin - the fine fibre causes no irritation or prickle.

New Zealand merino’s fine, lightweight fibres breathe with the wearer, meaning there is no unpleasant 'clammy' sensation and provide year round comfort in warm or cool weather.

New Zealand merino is a renewable resource and involves a natural growth process in pollution free environments. It is recyclable and biodegradable.

5 Points of Luxury

Superior Whiteness and brightness

Merino sheep are shorn of their fibre before the intense summer heat which causes yellowing. Superior whiteness provides unlimited colour range possibilities.

Superior Length

New Zealand merino fibre is measurably longer than other merinos. The increased length of the fibre leads to an evenness of yarn, which provides better fabric structure and allows for an improved natural drape and outstanding garment appearance.

Superior Strength

New Zealand merino receive consistent nutrition year-round which maximizes fibre strength and garment performance. 

Superior Cleanliness

Regular rainfall and unpolluted environment, mean that dust is not an issue for the New Zealand merino resulting in no contamination of the final garment.

Superior Softness

The low fibre diameter of the New Zealand Merino offers superior softness and comfort for next-to-the-skin garments.