Icebreaker About

The Icebreaker story

When Jeremy Moon, Icebreaker's CEO and Founder, came to our store to sell us wool underwear, most thought he was crazy. But Jeremy's product was nothing like the heavy, scratchy wool garments of the time and we decided to give it a go. Today Icebreaker is a world wide phenomenon using new technology to create a unique performance fabric.

Merino's key benefits are simple: Easy care, lightweight and quick drying, combined with being both very breathable and odour resistant.

Icebreaker Merino is cool in the heat and warm in the cold and can be used as part of a superb layering system; from baselayer, through to mid and outer layers. We stock the entire New Zealand range online, so browse at the latest and greatest merino clothing from Icebreaker.



The Merino Fibre

The superfine merino fibre is where your Icebreaker garment starts - designed by nature to keep the New Zealand merino alive in the tough environments of the Southern Alps. The more hostile the environment, the finer the wool to insulate in the winter and breathe in the summer. The very finest of these fibres are sourced by Icebreaker from the best farms in our South Island highlands because not all wool is made equal and only the finest quality will make your Icebreaker a garment that will feel great and last the distance.

Merino fibres are finer and don't have the itch that wool fibres from lowland sheep have. Icebreaker fabrics breathe extremely well because each individual merino fibre breathes as well as the fabric. So you will stay cool in warmest temperatures and warm in colder temperatures without the clamminess often associated with synthetics. The best way to wear Icebreaker garments is layering them when it gets colder. They work individually, but layer symbiotically. The fibres work together to feel as if you are wearing just one garment - resisting wind, breathing to allow moisture vapour to escape, and trapping warm air between the layers and within air pockets in each layer to give you the protection the original fibre gave the merino it came from.

Yet another great thing about merino: it won't smell, even after wearing it for days on end! The reason? Icebreaker merino has natural anti-bacterial properties.